PALI Smart Quote

Multi-award winning PALI (Property And Land Information) developed the PALI Smart Quote, a bespoke Conveyancing Quotation system for legal firms.

How much does it cost?
There is a £500 +VAT set up fee then £350 +VAT monthly fees apply however if you order your searches from PALI, the software is complimentary.

How does it work?
The PALI Smart Quote comprises of two elements. You can utilise the two facilities or just use one, the choice is yours.

  1. Back Office System

The ‘Back Office’ system is designed for members of staff within your firm to generate quotations to prospective clients:

  • Accurate – provides your correct company prices for each conveyancing scenario
  • Speedyless than two minutes to generate a quote
  • High level of detail – automatically detects tenure then applies your appropriate fees, detects unregistered properties, calculates Stamp Duty, new Land Registry Registration Fees applied and more.
  • Low skill level required – allows any member of staff to quote prospective clients face to face/over the phone/via email
  • Reminder Facility – reminder alerts automatically triggered to designated staff when quotations haven’t progressed
  • Built in Reporting – measure, analyse and track the quotation data
  1. Public Facing

The public facing system is a plugin for your website that enables prospective clients to request and accept quotes in real time, completely tailored to your firms pricing structure:

  • Increased revenue – generates extra business with increased sales
  • Credibility – responsive, mobile-friendly plugin that mimics the branding of your website keeping you one step ahead of your competitors
  • Out of hours business – arrive back to work in the morning to potential leads and approved quotes sitting in your mailbox
  • Easily installed – typically takes 20 minutes to install on your site once the set up is complete
  • Full set up – we carry out the full set up for you including entering all your fees
  • SRA/CLC Compliant – adheres to GDPR obligations and is fully compliant with the SRA and CLC Price Transparency Regulations

The PALI Smart Quote offers a tailored solution in terms of both cost and functionality. Branded quotes are automatically produced, complete with your terms and conditions and the system is easily implemented. Referral partners can be included in the process, with the option of commission being incorporated. Workflow of communications is auto logged and on-going support is included for no charge. Any industry price changes are automatically applied for you and marketing options including Social Media tools are available to compliment your existing strategies. Multiple offices with different fees? No problem. The PALI Smart Quote can take into account all different scenarios including different referrers having different commissions. 

You now have the option to run weekly or monthly digest reports for the PALI Smart Quote which will enable you to analyse and measure the quotation data. See with ease how many quotations are being processed, whether they have been generated from the web plugin or staff operating the back office system, how many quotations are outstanding and need following up and the number of abandoned quotes. Built in reporting has always been available however the new digest emails means this data can automatically be emailed to you on a weekly or monthly basis, therefore, one less thing for you to worry about.

When a quotation has been outstanding (for a number of days of your choice), an email can be triggered to remind you to chase the member of the public up. This email can be sent to a designated member of staff or multiple members of staff.

We continue to see from our data that quotations generated by members of the public through solicitor’s websites, are going through as soon as the web plugin goes live. As the PALI Smart Quote detects the tenure and other crucial factors, it is still the case that no wrong quotes are being calculated. We are continuing to receive feedback from Smart Quote users confirming the administration involved in processing quotations has been drastically reduced and conversion rates have increased, when moving over to the Smart Quote.

To book a 20 minute no obligation demonstration please contact Kirsty Rogers on / 0800 023 5030.