Pali supports Christmas homeless appeal

With Christmas fast approaching and the weather not getting any warmer, this cold time of year can be especially hard for those without a home.

Pali is happy to support and contribute towards Charles Thompson’s mission Christmas appeal to keep the homeless warm and cared for.

Charles Thompson’s Mission aims to help care for men, women and families with no home and those who are in severe poverty by providing hot food, blankets, clothing and toiletries, along with love, care and compassion. They are an outstanding drop in centre, open seven days a week, located in Birkenhead. 

This year, like previous years, Charles Thompson’s Mission helps the families in extreme need, so they can experience the Christmas they deserve.

At Pali, we are going to help make that change. We will be collecting a variety of essential items such as:

• Clothes for men and women
• Blankets
• Sleeping bags
• Pop up tents 
• Children’s Clothes
• Hats/Scarves/Gloves
• Toiletries 
• Tinned food/long life food
• Bags/Backpacks

Our houses are full of unwanted items. These items could be extremely useful to someone else. Please consider donating clothing and basic essentials as damp, ripped and dirty clothes are all some have to wear. They need this now more than ever.

Any toys that can be donated are highly appreciated to help struggling Mothers and Fathers give their children a happy, warm Christmas. Please consider brightening up a families Christmas this year.

Would you like to help make a change? 

If you would like to donate, please go to the Charles Thompson’s mission website, or visit their drop in centre where you can see all the amazing work they do for the homeless:

Gina Davies
Pali Ltd