Pali Teesside supports Bishopton playground fundraiser!

Bishopton is a small village located near Darlington, Stockton-on-Tees and Sedgefield. The population is small and is surrounded in a rural area. Bishopton faces problems like being left isolated as public transport can be restricted. The village is built around narrow and fast-moving traffic. This means it’s an unsafe area for children to play and run freely. The challenge for the community is to raise funds to purchase and install play equipment.

The targeted total investment is in the region of £100,000 which will provide age-appropriate ranges of climbing frames, variations on traditional swings, slides, see-saws and roundabouts, and sporting infrastructure such as goalposts and basketball hoops, all on safe surfaces.

Although ‘neighbouring’ villages (e.g. Carlton, 3 miles; Sadberge, 5 miles) have playgrounds, for children to attempt to reach them independently by bicycle or foot would be dangerous if not foolhardy. The connecting roads have no footpaths, are narrow and carry fast moving traffic. 

Pail’s Teeside are happy to sponsor the small village of Bishopton in their fundraising quiz night to achieve the goal of raising the funds to build a playground, for a more childlike, safer and suitable community. 

At Bishopton Village Hall, Friday the 29th of November, there will be a fund-raising quiz night which starts at 7:30pm. Pie and pea supper will be provided, Tickets are only £8!

Not only will the park benefit children, it will also benefit the community and will be a safe area where families can visit. This will enable the community to have strolls along the park, interact with friends and experience annual fairs that businesses in the surrounding area can host. The park will allow the community to come together and is beneficial for everyone!