Support our Palian’s trip to Ghana

Next May, our newest Palian Mel is heading to Ghana in West Africa, where she will be volunteering in a children’s day care centre. Here is Mel’s message to help raise donations for her trip.

“When I am in Ghana I will be helping out amongst the centre’s local staff. As they always have their hands full with increasing number of children that attend the centre, volunteers are greatly appreciated as they take some responsibility and stress off the staff who work there full time.

The children need constant care and attention as well being taught new skills or languages. The care centre has limited resources and limited staff with averages of forty children in each class. I hope by volunteering I can make a difference in the children’s daily life whilst I am there, by playing with them and sharing one-to-one time which most children lack outside of the centre.

I will be staying in a small fishing village called Busua for two weeks. Many children are deprived of things a lot of children take for granted. Some children are deprived of education, freedom and are raised to help their family out with their business, such as working long days on a fishing boat or selling food on the beach. The care centre allows these children to make friends, play, learn and most importantly have a childhood. Learning allows the children to build on their confidence as they speak with visitors and volunteers from all over the world.

I will be taking supplies to donate to the centre on behalf of Pali Ltd and I am also hoping to raise as much money as possible to fund this trip and donate to the centre. The money I raise will allow the centre to order more supplies such as stationary, toys, musical equipment, books and learning resources. As well as increase their staff numbers to allow more children to attend, this will help get children off the street and enter the doorway into education.

A little donation from you could make a HUGE difference to a lot of young children and supplies will be used for generations of future children who will attend.

I will be there seeing how much your donation will make a difference, seeing the centre myself enables me to see how the donations are being put to good use exactly where it’s needed, rather than just sending money to a charity and not seeing the difference. Doing something meaningful with my travels is going to be eye opening yet rewarding. By donating whatever you can, anything helps these children who have so much love, energy and talent to share.

All donations, no matter how small, are welcome on my JustGiving page.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, please feel free to share this blog or my donation page on Social media as ANYTHING helps.”

Pali is proud to support such a worthy cause and we wish Mel the best of luck.