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Wigan Recycling Centre Recycles Itself!

Caroline Hymers from Pali Warrington reveals the latest plans for an old recycling centre in Wigan.

Storm Doris winds reach 87mph as it hits UK

Kirsty Rogers reveals what to expect as Storm Doris hits the UK.

Valentines Day Competition - Winner Announced!

Find out the winner of Pali's Valentines day giveaway!

Further investigations needed to make land safe for new Sheffield school

Kirsty Rogers discusses the latest reports for the proposed Bannerdale School.

4 million pounds for regeneration projects in Leigh

Caroline Hymers from Pali Warrington discusses the latest projects for Leigh.

Valentines Day Giveaway!

Find out how you can enter our Valentines giveaway

Pali HQ Sponsors Wallasey Cricket Club!

Pali announce they are the official sponsor of Wallasey Cricket Club for the 2017 season.

Vast amounts of Shale Gas found under the North West of England

Nicole Cran talks about the large amounts of Shale Gas found around the UK.

Could this be an explosive decision for the UK?

Nicole Cran reveals some thrilling news about a proposed fracking site in Nottinghamshire.

Could Fracking produce more jobs around the UK?

Nicole Cran reveals how the process of fracking could lead to some positive outcomes in the UK!

Could fracking become an everyday normality in the UK?

Nicole Cran talks about the ever growing exploitation process of shale gas.

How far would you go for a cause you feel passionate about?

Nicole Cran reveals the latest on fracking.

Where should fracking take place?

Nicole Cran talks about fracking.

Fracking could take place under your home without your permission!

Nicole Cran discusses the new rules and regulations towards the exploitation of shale gas.

The truth about Fracking

Amanda McGovern talks about the controversial procedure of Fracking.

The future of Fracking on the Wirral

Amanda McGovern reveals the future of Fracking on the Wirral.

Fracking effects house prices

Amanda McGovern discovers the latest news on Fracking.


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